Truecrown Alliance

A brief history…
The Alliance was formed at the onset of the Mercenary War when King Reimer Armande II died of mysterious causes. The King had two sons to survive him, Zevallos and Reimer III. The Truecrown Alliance rallied around Prince Reimer, and The Ascendancy around Zevallos.
Blue background bearing a silver and gold eagle over 3 silver stars ,one for each true Armande King.
The Alliance wishes to bring the world together with a single figure head, while promoting production, trade and free enterprise, and carefully controlling resources. All of the countries would have seats as Barons, presided over by the World King, and the owners of the major guilds (farmers, weavers, watchmen, and even the thieves) have lesser seats.

Their army relies heavily on Airships and Behemoth Automatons, backed up by their Knights and their foot soldiers.

Leadership and Ranking
Primary: Thanus
Secondary: Eredel

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Truecrown Alliance

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