A Brief History…
Thanus was once home to the capitol of the world, Vanileth, and after the world’s destruction, Thanus remains one of the seats of power. From a rebuilt Vanileth, Lord Reimer and The Truecrown Alliance reign over their half of The Plates.
For the most part, the architecture of Thanus resembles that of England and America circa 1800. The weather is mild for the most part, and much of the Plate is covered in forests and Mountains.

Points of Interest
  • Vanileth
  • Mount Alegar
  • Grenwall Forest
  • Isaezeth, the City of Arbor
  • Daenar and Elnin Lake
  • Pearlsmouth, Port City
  • Coopman Castle and the Bridge of Maeranos
  • Ironrack, Mining Town, and Rocknest Lake
  • Tornpath Forest
  • Lor’thar Mountains
  • Ruins of Shealoron
  • Laethica


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