The Sundering

The Great Disaster

After the creation of the Mana Bomb, Lord Reimer wished to turn it on the very heart of the Ascendancy, Nexus City. The High Magi of the Silent Accord advised against using the weapon before it was tested, but Reimer insisted that a speedy conclusion was necessary to bring an end to the war.

The resulting explosion was far more powerful than anyone could have imagined, having been amplified by a large wellspring of Mana flowing directly beneath the city. The catastrophic eruption of the planet was called the Sundering, and rightly so. Much of the interior of the world was disintegrated when all of the world’s Mana surged outward at once. When the tremors subsided, only the five largest tectonic plates remained, suspended in orbit around the central core of the world via the crisscrossing veins of Mana that now flow in the void.

The people of Nexus City, with the help of the Void Pact, rebuilt their homes, and then began colonizing the rest of the core.

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The Sundering

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